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      Hey everyone,

      I need some help building habits. Habits and routine are obviously great for people with ADHD, but I often forget I’m trying to build a new habit after a few hours or a few days. I don’t know how to remind myself.
      For example, I really want to get into the habit of putting an item back where it belongs right after using it (really ambitious, I know), but I just can’t remember to do so. I’ve thought about wearing gloves or putting glue on my fingertips (and letting it dry of course) so things feel different and I actually notice what I’m holding, but that gets annoying when you’re trying to go about your day. Maybe wearing a really ugly ring or bracelet so I am reminded every time I see my hand?
      Phone reminders don’t work for me because I always have it on silent and for the sake of my sanity I would like to keep it that way.
      What about daily habits like flossing, or doing some mindfulness before going to bed?
      Any ideas?

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      Simon Help

      Hello AnnaNL,

      Unfortunately, it does take a lot of tries and errors to manage to find the right fit for us. What works for me might not work for you.

      That being said, here are the things that I do to help organize myself:
      – Writing my goals in a list and organize them with the mindset of doing as much as possible with little time. Crossing things from those lists gives me a lot of satisfaction and motivates me to move forward.
      – When I want to do something very important the next day, I write it on a paper and put in front of something that would catch my attention, like my laptop.
      – Combining chores with things that I enjoy like music or watching series.
      – Preparing my mind about doing a specific thing days in advance. Thinking about it.

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      It’s just a bit like ADHD symptoms of not wanting to listen to other people’s opinions the impossible quiz

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