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      Hi all,

      First time posting here. I live in the UK and was diagnosed in January. I am desperate for help with my executive dysfunction difficulties, which I can’t seem to get past no matter how hard I try. Yesterday I had an important interview, but I wasn’t able to prepare for it at all over the past week – every time I thought about it I felt awful, but I still didn’t do anything, and the more I left it the worse it got. Eventually I called in sick for it and it’s been moved to Monday. I’m just praying that with the extra time over the weekend I’ll do some preparation. (Additional detail: when I resolved to schedule an email for the morning to let them know about it, yesterday night, I couldn’t do THAT either, so I stayed up overnight procrastinating it until 8am, when I finally wrote and sent it.)

      What tends to take up my time when I can’t make myself do these things are distractions that make me feel better – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Reddit, etc. When I get stressed out (or am having a hard time with anxiety), it feels like my brain really NEEDS these fast sources of dopamine, as if it’s correcting a deficiency and preventing me from feeling horribly understimulated. (Binge eating used to serve the same purpose, before I recovered.) Over the past couple of days of being trapped in this cycle I’ve been wondering whether it ACTUALLY needs them, so today I decided to go completely without them and just see what happens.

      Let me know if anyone has tried anything similar to this and how it went!

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      I thought I was the only one with this problem! Sucks! Just sucks! I have alot of documentation to get together for a custody case due next Friday and have had no ths to do it yet find it so hard to just do it. I dont understand at all!
      I do find it helpful when I park my car somewhere quiet and set a time limit on how long I can be there. Like go at 11 am and have to leave by 3pm so I at least get somethings done. However its not that easy to just leave nowadays. Last week I sat in the driveway in the car and had 2.5 hours to do some work. Well after spending time reading about things that do not relate to me at all, I was left with an hour to do something.
      Same thing happened today! I cleaned my garage for 6 hours instead of working on documentation. Smh. I’m so over this…whatever it is. Aggressive impulsive procrastination. I thought medication is supposed to help but seems like its not for me. I’m so sorry I do not have the answer to this but maybe sitting in your vehicle with no music and a post-it of things you need to do on the dash may help. If not a vehicle then something else? Good luck!

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