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      I’m 30 years old diagnosed with ADHD, I’m taking each morning 36 mg of Concentra.
      I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago.

      I’m an undergraduate student in Industry Automation Engineering and I also work as a Web Developer/Designer

      For the past six months I have trouble sleeping due to stress and over-analyzing things or getting excited (this is NOT Depression)
      because I’m engaged in a lot of interesting things
      (or things that finally solve my problems whether they were caused by ADHD, friendships, personal, professional, scholarship or whatever because ADHD is not source of every problem)
      and I’m actually getting results.

      When I first started getting treament with ADHD at first it was depressing, because the only true enemy you had to face was yourself and you had to manage bad habits, such as getting stuck at video games 16 hours straight (yes I’ve been that person, maybe you got stuck at YouTube or something similar, who knows)
      but when I got my first results at university, I got astonished, I was like with an open mouth: Was I the one who got a straight 10 at Mathematics where I was truly a sucker?
      (I think ADHD is a blessing, we can live alternative, we are creative, we can have philosophical view of things we are really interested, we can hyperfocus, we can be Number 1 if we are truly interested in something, compare yourself to others and analyze/think if they are possible of the same traits as us but DO NOT OVERDO it because comparing yourself to others can lead you to DEPRESSION, BE FOND OF YOUR OWN RESULTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS!)

      So lately, for the past six months I’ve got trouble with sleeping, I over-analyze everything I have learned each day, I can not enter deep sleep, I do not DREAM because it’s like I’m having Cat Naps (sleeping light), I’m thinking about everything while light-sleeping and I have noticed that if I am not not sleeping right I can be very tired at the next day, I’m not productive, I am not well rested, I’m HyperActive, I cannot manage my thinking or the noise of my brain very well.

      Why Am I saying this?
      At summer when I had nothing to do, especially in August, where I did not have to work, I did not have any university activities, no exercises,
      simply enjoying life with friends & and watching movies/series and reading some books, I could enter sleep, and I was feeling deep focused with everything, sharp mind, I could cut out noisy thoughts, I was really relaxed not because I had nothing to do BUT BECAUSE I COULD FINALLY ACTUALLY manage my OWN mind and cut out unnecessary thoughts.

      Now I have started participating at university lessons, I am also self-studying about Web Development and participate in other activities as well.
      I usually go to my bed at 1 AM and get up at 9 AM (8 hours sleep) but when I am at my bed I begin to think things like these:
      “Wow! I learned about Python, I can use it for Mathematics, Web Development, combine it with this and this etc…”
      “I learned about Electricity! Finally I can fix my radio or change its resistors and capacitors or make something on my own..”
      “I discussed this with my friend, he has a very interesting point of view, there is true in many things he says.. etc”
      “I sent a message to that girl, she seems she is not interested in me, well I have to move on…”
      I learned thigs about Web Development, finally I can create a service where I had no idea I could do or provide..”

      Is there any help or a solution where I can get help with sleeping?

      Things I have tried:
      Valerian drinks or pills, chamomile tea, teas, herbs, bananas, melatonin supplements, ZMA.

      Sadly only alcohol works but it is not the solution.

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      Penny Williams

      I have an overactive inner voice when I’m trying to go to sleep too, and I don’t have ADHD. I think it’s the result of long to-do lists, perfectionism, and anxiety.

      My son has always had trouble sleeping. He takes melatonin regularly, but also uses Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime EXTRA tea (has to be the extra). It’s helpful.

      I’ve started using CBD oil and a little before bed helps me fall asleep a lot faster. I also play a mindfulness session (using the Insight Timer app) or Gregorian chants. If there’s some noise to focus on, it keeps my mind from running as rampant.

      Here are some more insights specific to ADHD:

      This Is Why You’re Always So Tired

      Up All Night — for All the Wrong Reasons?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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