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      Hi all! So, my husband usually does all the cooking and he’s about to travel for work for an extended perid of time. I have always struggled with remembering to eat, and by the time I do remember, I’m starving and don’t have time to wait. I usually end up with whatever fast food is open when I remember.
      My question is: how do you keep yourself fed? I’m think about setting alarms on my phone to remind me, but I could really use some advice on some sort of meal planning strategy so I have somewhat healthy and quick options when the alarm does go off. I do eat the same thing for breakfast every day, so that’s working for me. Habits work well for me. It’s lunch and diner when my schedule varies throughout the week.

      What works for you? 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      Definitely set alarms. What about frozen meals that are healthy? That’s quick to make. Also, pre-cooked rotisserie chicken at the grocery and a bagged salad would be quick. If all else fails, just have apples with peanut butter or almond butter.

      Here are some ADHD-friendly meal planning tips:

      No More “What’s For Dinner?” Stress

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