Treatments for tics?

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      My 10yo son has had facial tics for the past year or so, prior to even starting on ADHD meds. He’s now on 30mg of Vyvanse, which seems to be working for him, and I’m not sure if the tics are any different than they were before he started meds but they’re concerning me a great deal because I’m wondering when/if they’ll subside. His pediatrician recommended we try magnesium and NAC, which we’ve been doing for the past 3-4 weeks. There are times when he can control them better than others. I guess my question is, do these just go away at some point or do I need to throw myself into figuring out a treatment to control them and if so what works? Thanks for any insights.

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      Penny Williams

      There are a variety of options to treat tic disorders, all outlined in this article:

      How to Treat Tic Disorders

      My son sometimes takes magnesium for other reasons (he doesn’t have tics), and I’ve found he doesn’t respond to all forms of magnesium supplements. In fact, the powder, Natural Calm, is the only one that has a calming effect for him.

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      I’m new to ADHD and am learning more every day, but my son has Tourette Syndrome (TS). From what I’ve learned with TS, there are many co-existing diagnoses such as ADHD. Is it possible that your child’s ADHD was identified first and now he has a tic disorder or TS? I suggest looking into neurologists who are experienced with TS and tic disorders. It may very well be the start of something else. Hope this helps!

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      My son started with facial tics around the same age. The neurologist put him on Topamax and it stopped the tics and also helped him with his migraines. He is now 17 and still takes it everyday. Hope this helps!

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