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      Hey! My name is Grace Gay and I am currently a freshmen at Appalachian State University and for the past couple years I have been doing research on how the Martial Arts is / can be beneficial to children with ADHD. I am a second degree black belt in karate and I have been teaching kids with ADHD for over 5 years. I have seen first handly how it has benefited them. I am posting here because in my freshmen writing class we have been discussing our personal practices and this is mine, I would love to share my podcast with all of you and if you could leave some feedback for me in the comments on soundcloud that would be great! I will also provide a link to my research paper.


      Research Paper:

      Thank you so much and I hope to hear from some of you!

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      Wow! Your research paper and podcast sounds great! We put our now 8-yr old son in Tai-kwon-do a little over a year ago. We wanted the physical and mental activity and the discipline. Our Grand Master runs a tight, old school ship. It is wonderful! If you saw my son at home or in school and then at martial arts, you wouldn’t think he was the same person. It is the best thing we’ve done for him so far. Unfortunately, the benefits don’t seem to carry over into life outside the dojo…or maybe they do, and he would be much worse… I will definitely take a look at what you’ve done.

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      Dr. Eric

      I am actually a big fan of this.

      I wrote a blog for me and my son’s (both ADHD) martial arts academy.
      Blog for Excel

      I am also an MMA inspector for Amateur fights, and I am waiting to see if I passed my professional MMA judge’s course.
      CAMO Profile

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      Hi ,
      My son 15 is on adhd meds . How can martial arts reduce the side effects. Can u pls help. I am super tense bcos of probable side effects

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      Y’all did a good job on your podcast. And you’ve got me thinking about martial arts. I DREADED physical education class in school. They destroyed any interest in sports for me. But later, I learned that I do like physical activity, just not all the sports I was forced to do in school… team sports, running and balls flying at me when I was off day-dreaming in the outfield. Our phys ed teachers loved making us play Dodge Ball. That’s just school enforced bullying – mean kids trying to hit you with a ball as hard as they could. I now like yoga, hiking, kayaking…calm and peaceful activities. I’m 50 with adult ADHD. I don’t like the idea of a contact sport that needs pads & mouthguards. And I hate the noise of a gym. I tried a brief local Tai Chi class many years ago but had bad teacher. I should look into that again. Are there other forms of “quiet & gentle” martial arts you would suggest? I’m also in a sales job where I’m frequently on the road and in hotels. It would be challenging to get to a regular class. Is there anything like online or video coaches for something I could do on my own in a hotel?

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