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      My 12 year old son has ADHD and it causes him significant struggles in school. He is on Ritalin LA, has a 504 Plan, and sees an ADHD-specialized counselor. His counselor has recommended investing in Touch Point Solution (aka Buzzies), a wearable set of devices that vibrate and are supposed to reduce anxiety, strengthen focus, and reduce stress. I am only hesitating because of the price. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with them to share with me. Have they had a positive effect on you or your kid? Have they done what they’re supposed to do? Have you had issues with your kid losing them or not activating them while at school and in need of the extra support? I am all for finding him a better way to manage his symptoms in school besides medication alone and the included side effects but I also want to make an informed decision before investing in a product that, for all I know, could be total “snake oil.” Thanks in advance for your input.


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      Penny Williams

      My son tried a similar product. While I know it works for many, he found the random vibrations startling, which then turned into agitating. It won’t help everyone, but these tools do help many.

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