took Adderall for 10 years, but new doctor won’t prescribe

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      My psychiatrist for the last 10 years retired this year. She is the one who diagnosed me with ADD when I went to see her for depression years ago. I said I was a perfect kid/student, but she had me fill out a questionnaire and try Adderall. I was amazed how well the Adderall (15mg XR) worked!

      Anyway, I had to find a new doctor this year, and she had me go through an ADD test. The results came back yesterday, and they said I don’t have ADD. Now she has me on Strattera, 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the afternoon.

      I’m annoyed because I liked the Adderall, and I never abused it. Also, the test said because I didn’t have ADD as a kid, I cannot have it as an adult. Is that really true? It just seems close-minded to me.

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      This is disappointing, I am certain….

      Outside looking in, I think change docs….You were diagnosed…responded well to treatment, which shows the diagnosis was correct. Now, doc is refuting what was shown, and what you have experienced. This medicine doesn’t work as well, is that correct?

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      Thanks for replying.
      I’ve only just started the Strattera, so I can’t tell if it works yet.

      The doctor also said I can’t have ADHD because instead I have depression, and possibly anxiety and insomnia. (I know I have depression; I don’t think I have anxiety and insomnia.)

      So, what, people can’t have depression and ADHD at the same time?

      Again, I feel like this doctor’s view of ADHD is really narrow.

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      Penny Williams

      You have ADHD all your life. Some kids squeak by unnoticed and, therefore, undiagnosed. This clinician clearly doesn’t have updated info about ADHD. May be time for a new doc.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I’ve had this happen–I change docs, you shouldn’t have to fight to get the meds that work/prescribe FOR YOU. I have no patience for Dr’s with strong opinions on what I should take. My #1 when finding a new Dr? They listen to me & prescribe what I ask for, not because they’re pushovers, but because they’re OPEN.

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      Dr. Eric

      I am curious about two things.

      #1 – If you don’t have ADHD, why prescribe Strattera?
      #2 – What diagnostics did the new provider do? Is there a report, or is this a clinical impression after an office visit?

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      Dr. Eric

      Also, for clarification, the DSM requires that you have symptoms of ADHD before the age of 7, not that you have a formal diagnosis.

      This is a big deal for older folks like me who were 7 in the 1970’s, when folks had little knowledge of ADHD.

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      -She most likely is giving her strattera to slowly bring her off of meds instead of making her do it cold Turkey….

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      Dr. Eric

      Strattera takes weeks to build up levels, much like the SSRI’s.
      Once you stop the Adderall, it is cold turkey for those weeks.

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