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      How can a 60 year old with ADHD, depression and COPD with an ongoing chronic cough get a job I have been fired many times. Mostly in insurance I don’t do well in busy insurance offices. The constant ringing phone sends me into adhd overdrive! I love painting but don’t have money for canvas and paint. I wld love a job helping people with ADHD or those that are down on their luck but do not have degree accept the one from hard knox. Thought about SSDI, but you probably have be 3 quarters dead to get it!

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      Penny Williams

      I would think you could get SSDI with COPD.

      As for finding a job… what do you enjoy most? What are you passionate about? Think about that and then identify jobs that align with those interests. For example, you love painting so can you work in an arts supply store? Teach children’s painting classes (or adult)?

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      Thank you. Guess I’m more worried abt the coughing than the ADHD. My step daughter is also raising a child with autisum. It has been challenging for her, especially as a single parent.

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