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      Everything I write whether it is a text message, email or essay (I’m a mature student) etc is so long/detailed. I seem unable to write briefly. Is anyone else the same? Any tips please?

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      LOL…welcome to the club!

      Been that way all my life..what some people say in two sentences
      takes me three paragraphs. Much more detailed, of course.

      When writing longer papers (short stories, etc.) I tend to
      write, review, and then remove unnecessary info in an effort
      to condense it into a more readable format.

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      Wow! I thought I just did or do too much. This is the story of my life. In taking notes for meetings, I can’t just take the notes, clean em up, and forward for drafting. It never fails I always end up in draft mode. There have been times where I’ve spent 3 hrs on notes it would’ve taken somebody else 30 minutes to do. I can turn a brochure into a magazine into a bestseller…lol. I thought it was a form of perfectionism.

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      I do this a lot! I write little novels to my friends in text messages, every time I open my mouth it’s like I’m doing a long lecture 🙁 If something interests me I never seem to be able to summarize my thoughts and only tell what’s important. Some people even tell me they can’t handle how much I talk, so I only have a few close friends who learned to appreciate what I say and sort out the important parts in my messages or what I say themselves. At university we always had to write long essays so I could handle that. Anyway.. In live in a small nordic country and people are more quiet here than Americans (I lived there too.) i don’t fit the social standard here of being mostly quiet and only say what is most important.. its a life long struggle I think, I will always be the ”chatterbox” as my teachers in elementary school called me 🙁

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      Omg! This is literally me, at uni we had to do 1,000-word essays and I went over on each one and lost 5 marks (lucky, not more) I just can’t seem to write concisely. I thought it was a type of perfectionism too because I just can’t seem to leave anything out and maybe it comes from feeling like somethings not good enough if it doesn’t have every last detail in? I also thought maybe its because naturally, I lack attention to detail so instead, I went the complete other way? It defo has something to do with my thought process though as well like when I write something, a lot of the time I just write it in such a long way. I dunno but its so interesting we all experience it, none of my friends understand when I’m like yeah I’m struggling with these notes or this essay because i’ve gone completely over the word count or I’ve written every single word of a lecture down without condensing it because theyre just like, you’re making life harder for yourself, stop doing that and trying so hard by I don’t know how else to do it haha

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      wow this is weird i thought i was the only one…. even in school i did this….

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      Apparently, a good tip is just trying and trying to reduce your own essays to their most concise form. Also giving yourself less time to write something- like not over researching and trying to write under exam condition. I’ve also been looking at this website recently to see if any of this helps:

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