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      I’ve been on adhd meds for about 3 years now and they’ve changed my life, but I’m struggling with tolerance problems.
      I was on adderall for about a year. It worked pretty well until I started seeing my symptoms returning. I talked to my doctor and she switched me to Vyvanse which was MUCH better. No tolerance issues for several months and then I started having the same problems again. She upped my dose to 70 and that worked for awhile. Then, same story, symptoms started returning.
      Doctor checked me for vitamin deficiencies and other issues that might interfere. I was severely low on iron and vitamin D, got treated and started feeling better, but core adhd symptoms were still uncontrolled.
      I switched back to Adderall for 3 weeks, but it wasn’t very helpful compared to the Vyvanse which was doing a great job controlling my emotional regulation.
      After 3 weeks, I went back on Vyvanse and it worked great again… for about a month.
      At this point, the Vyvanse is doing very little for me. Taking med vacations regularly is not feasible. (I have 5 children with adhd and autism, I need to be able to function consistently)
      I already take 150 Welbutrin and 100 Zoloft in addition to the Vyvanse.
      I’m seeing my doctor again this week. She is not a psychiatrist (I can’t see on right now) and doesn’t know a ton about adhd medications, but she’s trying her best. My Previous conversations with her have made it clear that she’s not willing to go above the manufacturer’s highest dose of 70. I want to come in with an idea of what we can try next. Are there other drugs likely to work as well for me as Vyvanse?

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      I’m in the same position. Hopefully we can receive some suggestions.

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      You both get well soon, and hopefully someone can see this so you get remedy to this situation.

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      Adderall did not work for me AT ALL. I literally couldn’t tell I had taken anything when taking it. Vyvanse has been a game-changer for me. It has helped my ADHD symptoms tremendously as well as helping control binge eating at night. I also take 50 mg of Zoloft daily. I do not take anything else. I have had to increase my Vyvanse to 50 mg/day vs the 40 mg I previously took. I have noticed recently that I was extremely dysregulated during the day, even with the Vyvanse. I had to ability to sit and focus on a task for however long I needed, but I felt so scatter-brained and unorganized. I decide to try Neuriva again. I started taking Neuriva it a while back and took it for two months without any noticeable changes. This time, I am taking it at night as suggested instead of in the morning. Since I have been taking it this time, I notice a cognitive difference in my ability to focus, prioritize, and accomplish tasks.

      You might try Neuriva or another similar supplement. There are also the Focus gummies from Olly. Maybe combining one of these supplements with your ADHD medication can provide you more mental clarity and improve your symptoms.

      My final suggestion is pairing a non-stimulant ADHD medication, like Guanfacine (Intuniv), to your regimen. Guanfacine is an extended-release medication, and it has to build up in your system, so it would not be an immediate effect.

      Good luck! I hope that you are able to find some relief.

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      Thank you for the replies! I talked to my doctor today and she told me they had to fight my insurance tooth and nail to get me on the Vyvanse in the first place and that they probably wouldn’t approve me for trying anything that I haven’t already. So, screwed there, I guess. She’s going to have me stay on Vyvanse and take a thyroid medication as well. My levels are within normal range, but she is hoping bringing them up more might help my symptoms. I’m doubtful of this idea, but I’m willing to try just because I’m basically out of options.

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      I’m in the same boat. I’ve been referred to a new psychiatrist (old one left), but it’s taking a while to get connected, what with COVID-19 and health care cuts. I stopped letting my GP modify my meds because it was obvious he doesn’t have the experience to make changes based on a complex neurological situation. I concentrate far better than I did pre-meds, but that old fogginess is creeping back.

      Maybe see if your doc can convince your insurance to compromise: get generic lisdexamphetamine in return for adding a non-stimulant like Guanfacine. Or maybe start the years-long process of moving to Canada…which would still be faster than waiting for decent healthcare in the US.

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      So, update, it actually worked. I’m shocked and very happy… Within TWO DAYS of starting the thyroid medication, the vyvanse started working again. In less than a week, it was working better than ever, so, yeah, my doctor was right and I am very thankful!

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      Hi! So happy you found relief. For me it’s been so frustrating, as I have a high tolerance to everything…the doctor knows this, he sees this, and I have been with him for a year and we might have found the right combination but I know it’s not enough.
      I am on 50mg Vyvanse, and Zenzedi 15/mg twice a day. I either need to up the Vyvanse and/or the Zenzedi. He said no on upping the Zenzedi but I just called in, had to talk to his nurse, have her ask him if I can take 3 a day of the Zenzedi because I have rollercoaster syndrome (as hubby calls it) where it takes about two hours for the Vyvanse to kick in; the Zenzedi takes about an hour. It is all good until afternoon. Vyvanse works for about 8 hours as opposed to the 12 it says. I get up early, start my day about 4am, up til about 11pm so from about 2-3pm I slump and come down bad, then feel crappy until I go to bed.
      I have taken it long enough to know that it works, just not enough.
      It’s so stressful that I have to do this dance, and it’s yes or no- no explanation although usually it’s “the recommended dosage” and he won’t go over it. He’s the only doctor in my area that will treat ADD; he mostly treats children but also some adults.
      I live in a small town so for doctors here, you get what you get unless you want to drive 2 hours to the specialists.
      If you are on Vyvanse or Zenzedi can you tell me your experiences with it?
      I’ve been on Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin, and a few others with big long names lol; Focalin worked but it wasn’t enough, added ritalin, but did that same rollercoaster, so here I am with Vyvanse happy for the most part, but not quite there yet.
      Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
      If you stayed with this read this long thank you!
      I miss doing my crafts and reading books like I used to do!!

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