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      Does anyone have information or experience with building tolerance to their meds early on?

      I was diagnosed earlier this year at age 50, and started on Vynase 20 mg, Wellbutrin 150 mg, and Quetiapene 12.5 mg. My psychiatrist ramped up my Wellbutrin to 300 mg, but that interfered with sleep and had other side effects, so we reduced it again.

      Unfortauntely, that psychiatrist is no longer available, and my GP has been tring to manage my case without specialized knowledge. He bumped my Vynase up to 30 mg because I was having an increasing incidence of the effect wearing off too soon, but that has made little difference. I’ve gone off the Quetiapene myself because of significant orthostatic hypotension–a couple of times, I stood up too quickly and almost passed out.

      Now I’m regressing. My concentration has reduced somewhat, and my emotional state is going downhill fast. My GP has been reluctant to refer me to another psychiatrist (he seems to think he can handle my case himself), but I’m not taking no for an answer anymore.

      Bottom line: I’d like to know how much of my regression might be the result of medication tolerance. I’d rather find the right medication, instead of just bumping up the dose, but I’m currently between specialists, and want to learn more on my own to make sure I don’t endanger my health.

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