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      Hi all. I know most people that even see this literally won’t care what I type. So, I’m just taking 10-40 mg of stimulant tablets and for me, there is little time to drug holiday the medicine (take time off of it) to make my system more sensitized to the med again, somewhat. Zoloft 125 mg is wrecking my focus, too as well as my depressive symptoms despite it helping regulate my mood, which I don’t give it credit for helping with depression significantly (because I feel it’s strickly just making me more numb and complacent in my everyday life, but by no means happier to any great extent). I’m trying to slowly taper off the Zoloft, and I don’t give a witch’s broomstick who or what thinks I shouldn’t because I have been on SSRI’s for 6 years and I’m totally done with the serotonin nonesense after trying over THIRTY medicines, IF I”M EVEN COUNTING ALL WHICH I”M PROBABLY FORGETTING SOME. So, #Rant, Lol, but you get the point I’m fed the heck up with SSRI’s and SNRI’s and everything else I’ve been ruthlessly drawn into trying by my conscious, doctors, and family. So, I don’t know what’s worth doing with the anxiety portion and all that, but the question is how can one help get drug holidays while on SSRi’s and amphetamine when the SSRI’s make the drug holidays harder? Blah, it’s a hard question to explain and convey, but I am already dopamine deficient as I’ve sensed for absolutely ages, and being on SSRI’s with no stimulant and also testosterone replacement therapy drains my energy and mood quite badly. The TRT is about the only thing keeping me going when I stop the stimulants because they give me some dopamine (I guess they do?), but yeah that’s my insanely complex issue and life trying to taper off Zoloft, find time to drug holiday Dexedrine, and somehow get into endocrinology for my testosterone that I’ve been trying since November now and it’s next April almost? YAY MY LIFE

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      Hi, I just stumbled on your post above, 8 months with no response. I hope you have figured out something since.

      I feel your pain. After 2 years of TRT 1 year of adult adhd treatment (I’m 36) I am starting to get it all dialled I’m and feeling better.

      My Testosterone levels where at the level of a 95yo due to prescribed ibuprofen and opiates for the treatment of migraines since I was about 10yo through to about 30yo. I always had innatentive type adhd.

      What currently works for me is
      2 x week (wed, sun) 62.4mg Testosterone enanthanate
      2 x week (Tue, sat) 250iu of HCG
      40mg of Dexamphetamine in the morning and 10mg at lunch.
      20mg of Citalopram with the dex in the morning

      I also supplement with magnisium 320-400mg, lecithin 1200mg in the morming after bfast then 1000mg of vit C in thee evening.

      The HCG is needed to keep your testicles producing all the other things your body needs but would be deprived of if on Testosterone only.

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