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      Good Afternoon,

      I have been prescribed Dexedrine for a couple of years now. Recently, they changed the manufacturer and I find that I encounter more issues with this different manufacturer. I also don’t feel like it has been working nearly as effectively, and the side affects are worse. I was considering at my next appointment attempting to switch to Evekeo which is fairly new and I know it includes the extra ingredient of levoamphetamine.

      Do you guys think this might be a helpful switch?

      Thank you for your input.

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      Penny Williams

      Try asking the pharmacy to carry the brand that worked well for you. Most smaller pharmacies (not chains like CVS and Walgreens) will be happy to stop something specific for you. Keep in mind, a new medication will be a lot more expensive unless you have stellar insurance coverage.

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      It’s not you, it’s the generic fake dexedrine made in India. Before you take possession of or even touch the bottle when you go pick up your prescription, ask the pharmacist to read the manufacturer to you. If the manufacturer is Mayne or any of the Indian companies like Aurobindo or Zydus, refuse to accept them and get your prescription back and go to another pharmacy. It got so hard to find Authorized Generics I ended up going through a 2 month battle with Blue Cross to get them to cover Zenzedi. I don’t know what’s in those Indian fake generics, but I had very bad allergic reactions on several occasions.

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      My insurance and pharmacy are both through Kaiser Permanente. The current manufacturer is Mallinckrodt. Personally, I find them less effective and worse side affects. The previous manufacturer that I had was Wilshire.

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