Told my Doc not to prescribe ADD meds anymore, now I’m convinced I need them…

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      Hi all, new member here. I could use some advice…

      I’ve been on Vyvanse for about 5 years. It has done wonders in terms of my productivity, but was causing muscle/sleep issues and so – being the catastrophizer that I am – I sent a message to my psych doc around two months ago asking her to never prescribe it for me again (even if I ask for it).

      I now sincerely regret sending this message since my work life has gone to **** – I work online from home, and simply cannot seem to keep myself focused or organized without the med. So now I’m dropping the ball during work meetings, unable to start my work in the morning, and hesitant to take on difficult projects.

      I already sent my psych doc a message letting her know of my issues and asking to get back on the Vyvanse; I obviously felt very silly doing so considering the previous message I had sent, but I am currently quite desperate considering how my work is going. I got a rather terse message in reply saying that we can discuss our options at the next appointment (which will be coming up later this week). I am worried that she may be forced to say no to my request, since I flat-out told her not to prescribe ADD meds for me through email.

      My therapist is in the loop as to how much I regret sending said message to my psych doc – she recommended that I ask her to try the lowest possible dose or else a shorter-length ADD med (like IR Adderall) which does not last all day. This would probably help with the sleep issue I was having when I was previously on Vyvanse.

      This idea would be fine with me since I really only need the boost in the morning; I do not really care anymore whether my ADD is in effect during the evening when I’m not working. I was thinking of asking my therapist to write a note recommending that I be reinstated on a low dose of Vyvanse, but I’m not sure if should go to those lengths.

      One thing’s for sure… I CANNOT lose my job since I don’t think I will be able to find one of a similar pay level very easily. But I recently turned down a sizable work project since the due date was tight, plus I simply did not think I had the mental fortitude/focus in the moment to complete the project without letting my employer down. Seriously – I used to get started on work around 7 in the morning, now I’m lucky to get going by 11!

      So I could really use some advice – how do I broach the subject of reinstating the Vyvanse, considering the fact that I flat-out told the doc to not prescribe it for me anymore? Should I ask my therapist for that note, or ask her to call my psych doc in advance? I have thought of ways to mitigate the muscle/sleep problems – namely, quitting my morning coffee when I’m taking the Vyvanse, and getting back into yoga. (Ironically enough, I’m still having sleep issues even without the Vyvanse since I’m basically drowning myself in coffee at this point). I do not want to have to search for another psychiatrist, but I worry I shot myself in the foot in terms of getting ADD meds from my current doc thanks to the earlier message I sent.

      PS: I have tried both Concerta + Strattera in the past, neither of which worked for me.

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      First off, you should never “burn the bridge” .
      When you’re having difficulties that you suspect are related to meds, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before doing something that will p.o. your doc and you’ll end up regretting (as you are now).
      Discuss things with your therapist and explain your reasons.
      If it was me, I would have the therapist get in touch with the doctor (someone on your side never hurts) and you also explain your reason/mistake to the doctor and apologise if necessary.

      This is just what I think.
      Good luck.

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        Thanks friend. Yeah, I’m a professional bridge-burner… very good at jumping to extremes.

        I’ll probably reach out to my therapist.

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