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      So, I like using to do apps, however, I notice that when I use the same app for everything I get overwhelmed, so I try to use one app as a “master to do list” and then use several other apps for different categories (one for school, one for hobbies, one for chores, etc) But this also means that in order to look at what I have to do today, I have to open several different apps. This is frustrating and confusing. It also is difficult making sure that both the master list and the other lists are all synched. Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to solve this? Are there any apps that can take tasks from multiple to do apps and present them at once?

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      Penny Williams

      In Wunderlist you can create several different lists, based on topic or however you’d like. You can set reminders and due dates for each task as well.

      Check out these apps and see if any might help to make a master list less overwhelming:

      4 Miraculously Motivating Productivity Apps

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