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      I wanted to suggest a thread of user submitted tips for coping with ADHD.

      I will start with some things I have found useful:

      1. An extremely simple time management system; I recommend Mark Forster’s FVP.
      2. If you have co-morbid anxiety, quit caffeine and/or other stimulants.
      3. A tea with fresh mint and orange peel is great for focus.
      4. Consistency beats intensity every time; I have made time for three simple exercises each day and dramatically improved my health.
      5. I set my watch to beep once an hour. It winds up my colleagues, but makes me more aware of time.
      6. I prioritise interests which are best described as an art, rather than a science; they tend to have more longevity because you can’t ‘complete’ the research.

      I would love to hear yours.

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      Hi, I just found out I have ADHD about a week ago, but I found that bullet journaling is helping a lot. I have bought many planners, always thinking THIS will be the one that I stick to, but I never really stuck to them. Their structure and lack of space intimidated me. I really appreciate being able to develop my own symbol system. It helps to have everything in one place, like making a bullet to call for some information and taking notes during that call on the next page. The act of mitigating tasks is also useful because it forces me to re-write what I haven’t done yet. It makes me evaluate whether the task is still worth doing or makes me so annoyed with re-writing it that I can maybe get it done.

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      My Google calendar is my very best friend. I put EVERYTHING in there, my kids’ school and extracurricular activities, mine and my kids’ appointments, my work schedule, etc. I share it with my husband. (Still have yet to get him to write down the days when he is away, etc, but we’ll get there)

      I used to take the appointment cards from the different places, and put them in my purse or pocket. And they would stay there because I would forget to put them in my calendar by the time I got home. Or I would get the dates mixed up and write them down wrong. So now, I just bring out my phone while booking the appointment, and put it in right then and there, then confirm the date and time. I haven’t missed an appointment since I started this about 4 months ago.

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