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      I got promoted at work recently which was great, but, I got promoted into a job that needs a ton of paperwork from me all the time. And I want to die. I can’t focus. I literally can’t do this part of my job and I’m humiliated my supervisor has been so nice about it. Quitting would be super painful but I’m starting to think staying in this role will cause harm.

      When should you stop trying and quit?

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      Can you expand a bit about the nature of the business? Is all of this paperwork constantly trickling in or does it show up at different times of the day or by the activity that created the paperwork? Any kind of way to sort it out or prioritize? Can your boss help to make a flow chart?

      Once upon a time I had to learn how to do a promotion job with almost no training and no ONE person to go to. I learned by trial-and-error, looking through old files, and outdated training materials. But I excelled in a few short months of the routine.

      They wouldn’t have promoted you if you didn’t have potential! Try to break down what help you need into categories (if you can) or tell your boss that there is something you’re just not “getting” and would like some more direction getting to that AHA! Or if there’s “just too much”, ways to streamline/steps to skip until there’s a lull?

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      It shows up entirely randomly. One type of it, for example, is due based on the aniversary dates about 20 different people moved in and maybe one of them are organized enough to provide me with paperwork needed without prompting. All of the paperwork is critical because we don’t get paid as an agency if I don’t do it or worse. Sometimes it’s documenting in a health record which I’m good at if I do it right away, sometimes it involves simply shoving a paper into a folder which is harder for me to get started than you would think. Basically, the only part that occurs routinely is the clinical notes. Everything else is a total surprise aside from the fact that I know I’m going to be surprised.

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      Before walking away, I’d first talk to management or HR. You can get accommodation for ADHD, and that might really be a game changer. Perhaps you can get an assistant to help with paperwork? Or you and your supervisor can work together to develop a system that works for you?

      If that doesn’t work, it might be time to walk away or see if you can go back to your old position or a better suited position. I’ve been where you are. I worked as a bank teller and it was HELL. For months, I struggled to make it work, but my anxiety began to worsen and it got to the point that I would lie in bed at night not wanting to fall asleep because that meant morning, and therefore work, would arrive faster. It was no way to live. Everyone suffered. Coworkers suffered. Customers suffered. And I suffered. Walking away from that job was the best decision I ever made.

      I read an article once that teaching is good for ADHD. Being a teacher means you could get promoted to principle, but the role of principle was a more administrative position. Therefore, while society tells us promotions are good, sometimes staying put is better for ourselves and our work.

      I hope you figure things out.

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