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      With so many apps out nowadays, it’s hard to know which ones are: worth trying, worth paying for, not just like the last one, etc. Those of us with ADHD can easily waste HOURS just googling to research apps… ending up with 13 extra tabs opened and nothing downloaded. THEN once you get to downloading… you have 9 new apps to try/learn/set-up/evaluate. And this is assuming that your research and downloading stayed specific to your original need for an app. (For me it’s more like: 26 tabs open, 19 new apps, on 5 different topics.)

      What’s your favorite ADHD app(s), how do you use it (DO you use it?), ease of use, etc.?

      I’m personally looking for an iOS app that could integrate with the “share” button (square w/ up arrow).
      Problem: When browsing google/Reddit/recipes/reading emails… even playing games!… I end up with a link that I want/need to read later, or reading an article: look up a word I want to research into, or a book I might be interested in That was mentioned in the reasearch on the word found in the article from the newsletter in my emailLOL.
      I just want to tap that “share” square, and be able to set a reminder for later (10 minutes, 10 days??). Even if it emailed me or txt me LATER. (Once I read an email, its pretty much invisible to me!)

      Sorry for the rambling. Thanks for reading through to the end.
      -side note: the 15 minutes I took writing/thinking up this post is peanuts compared to the time I’ll probably spend googling/researching/downloading, lol.

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      Less than 15 minutes later and only one google search… I have 32 tabs for apps- all supposedly supported by one integrating app. WARNING: Do not go to this link unless you’re prepared to find TONS of apps you want to try.

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      Penny Williams

      You’re right, there are lots of apps out there that can be beneficial to those with ADHD.

      Here are some ADDitude reader favorites:

      “My Favorite ADHD App Is…”

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I like Evernote. It stores your notes together in notebooks, so each time you think of something you need to do, you create a note and file it to the right notebook. As well as being a phone app, you can log in via a web browser. So you can sit down at your computer and look at all your notes together when you’re feeling calmer. You can add photos and voice messages as well as typing, so it’s really easy to add things when you’re on the move. 🙂

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      I love the Cozi calendar app. Because it’s pretty easy, everyone in the family is connected to the same calendar – reminders, notes, addresses – I can save it all. And it’s COLOR CODED!!!

      Members of your calendar can also add things to grocery lists or shopping lists. Absolutely fantastic for when the kids are at school and get told to bring a supply to class. They can add it immediately so they don’t forget and I can just check the list in the store. Alexa just integrated with Cozi, so now I can add things to my lists through her too. Probably my most used and beloved app on my phone. I’d be lost without Cozi.

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      If you’re using a web browser like Chrome (sorry, not an Apple/iOS user) look into Pocket. It’s great for saving web pages article to read later. I’m not sure if it’s available for Safari, but it’s worth looking into.

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      Do you know Dave Crenshaw? He might say far more important than the app is how you manage your time and organise yourself.

      No more time spent on apps: spend time on Dave Crenshaw’s time management fundamentals where you learn more than just time management

      But anyhoo there’s Trello, colornote, Evernote, pocket, sending an email to yourself etc.

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      I am a recent fan of Evernote and have just found Trello also.

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      For things to read later I like Pocket ( quite a bit. I’ve even used it to save similar themes together using it’s tags feature. There’s an article up on my website about how I use Pocket.


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      Either pocket or flipboard for things you want to read in the short term. Evernote for its great tagging into categories for anything you want to use in the long term!

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      I can easily get off task on to another that I think is equally important, never completing or taking a long time to complete the one before it. Like having 10 tabs open on the internet going back and forth between them. So I like to use the APP “STAY ON TASK.” It has an alarm between 5 and 25 minutes intervals asking you if you’re on task. If you hit smiley face it says good job, it helps me feel proud and productive, when I have to hit the sad face it tells me to get back to work and immediately makes me get back on task.

      I recently started using the APP “MY EFFECTIVENESS,” a calendar that sets goals for roles in your life, priorize to-dos under roles for weekly planning, and reminds you. So far I hit snooze a bit, but eventually I got my butt up and did the work.

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        That is great I’ll check it out. I have a sticky note on my desk at work reminding me to “single task”, and not forget what my goal is by putting a not one the note of what my single task is right now. Its stopped working as well as I slowly forget its there and have stoped attaching postit notes to it reminding me what task I’m on

        Hmm, not finding Stay on task for IOS, bet I can find simialar

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      Been there! I’ve researched and tested so many different apps. Spent hundreds of hours on it. Here is the final list of productivity apps I am using.
      For task management – Nirvana task manager
      For storing/organizing notes, ideas, etc. – Evernote
      For bookmarks – Raindrop (similar to Pocket, but more user-friendly, with more advanced customization for your own needs)
      For too many tabs – Chrome extension called OneTab.
      For scheduling most important tasks – Google calendar
      For files – Dropbox

      I have well-though workflow between all of them, based loosely on Getting Things Done productivity method.

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      I’m waiting for the Kyo app to become available, hopefully late December or early January. It looks interesting.

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      I know there are dozens of to-do apps, but the one I like best is Wunderlist. Super easy to use. Sends reminders to email. I can manage projects by creating lists with subtasks, add files, or create repeating tasks.

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      Here’s what’s on my phone because I have ADHD.

      • Habit Bull – for tracking my progress on building good organizational/health habits
      • Focus Keeper – Pomodoro app with ticking noise to help stay focused, remind me to take breaks, etc.
      • Asana – project and task manager that integrates with other tools
      • G Suite – allows me (with a little coding) to automatically send things to my asana to do list if i star them in a particular way
      • strides – for tracking my progress toward goals (like goals that a person without ADHD would also have)
      • Insight Timer – for meditation
      • FoxitPDF Reader – allows me to download something i want to read as a PDF, and have it read it to me while i’m exercising, driving, etc.

      On the recommendation of additudemag I will also be checking out 30/30.

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        I love FOCUS KEEPER!!! That app is the reason I don’t find myself pulling weeds for 5 hours when I meant to spend 20 minutes

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      My boyfriend uses TASKs, costs a few dollars but its great for ADHD, pretty much designed for it

      I’ve started a bullet journal to act as my physical planner, you can read up on bullet journals on here or even buy an app for it I think

      Otherwise I have an Iphone so I use reminders, and notes on their primarily

      It’s important to pick one thing and stick to it. If you use multiple systems you’ll spend more time writing than doing, the principal of the bullet journal and tasks is to stop thinking about your to do lists. Write it once, and eventually you can schedule it for a future date or whatever

      Our groceries is also the best for household shopping, you can work with multiple people so its basically an electronic grocery list. I also threw stuff we need for the house, long term purchases, etc. to get it out of my head.

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      I don’t even have a smart phone. Hate the information overload of a screen full of apps. 🙂

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      I have used a lot of apps to store online articles, etc. I’ve used Google apps, Evernote, Pocket, to name a few. The one I like best now is called Index App. They have browsers extensions and a phone app. Check it out:

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      I have used a lot of apps to store online articles, etc. I’ve used Google apps, Evernote, Pocket, to name a few. The one I like best now is called Index App. They have browsers extensions and a phone app. Check it out:

      Here’s a good review about it:


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      I have an excellent system set up in Toodledo, alas, they sold the company and the new owners want treble the price for premium that I was using and loving for years. That’s ridiculous!

      So I’m on the hunt for a new to do list.

      It needs to handle both repeating and one off tasks, the repeat system has to be easy to set up and the tutorials need to not assume too much of my 50 something brain. It has to be obvious, not hidden 3 layers deep behind some nebulous icon.

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