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      It’s basically like a thunder jacket you put on a dog but this is one of the few things that have allowed me to sleep and mitigate my anxiety while at home. It provides an overwhelming sense of well-being and makes outside noises not effect me. Sometimes when I’m trying to sleep I feel the urge to move parts of my body, or strange sensations on my skin. This actually gets rid of that. And if I sleep better, I perform better. I can’t recommend this enough.

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      Glad to know! I have been curious.

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      Thank you! My daughter has mild depression and her husband has severe anxiety, and we bought them a blanket for Christmas. She said I should really try one because they absolutely LOVE it!

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      This is great. I’ve noticed that I feel comfortable when I’m “swaddled”. I wonder if a weighted blanket would be good for me. I need to find a way to “try before I buy”.
      (My dog tries to be my “weighted blanket” but she’s got boney knees and elbows. 😀 )

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