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      I have the problem that I love something or don’t care about something without any between.
      This is a problem but I can live with it. But what I struggle with is that something that I love can also become suddenly totally uninteresting.
      I experienced this with almost everything in my life. I started working as an EMT and after 4 years I got bored and stopped.
      After that I started as a train driver and also here after 3-4 years. During those years I loved it and everything what I could think about was about trains.
      Eventually I also lost interest and quit. Then I started to get interests in farming, I started as part-time farm employee. Studied like crazy about it, and again all I could think about is farming. I managed to get my own small farm and suddenly also here I lost interests again. The problem is that I invested a lot of money in it and I have commitments to the farm-landlord and my customers. I feel now this became a drag and I don’t see anything amazing anymore in it.
      Does anybody has advice how I can continue to motivate myself to stay enthusiastic?. There is so many things/jobs I want to do, but I feel discouraged to even apply because I know soon I will get bored again and quit.

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like curiosity and conquering something once unknown to you are your motivators. So, how can you use those principals to reignite your passion in farming? Start growing crops you haven’t tried yet? Start an organic patch? Add animals? Beekeeping? Hydroponics? Or maybe you start creating products from your crops — I live in a small, touristy, foodie town. Many farms here make eclectic jams, flavored honeys, and more and sell at farmer’s markets and local businesses. Keep being creative and inventive…

      Here’s expert advice on fighting the boredom too:

      Beat Boredom and Get More Stuff Done Today

      Bored at Work? Motivation to the Rescue

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Have you thought about employing someone to run the farm and then doing a different job yourself? Don’t know if this is practical or not, but might be worth looking into?

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      I’m just like you! I’ve worked in law enforcement, farming, fishing, construction, lots of different retail jobs, etc. I eventually got an elementary teaching job and stayed with it for 8 years before I quit. A few years later I began teaching at the university level, and I’ve been in teaching for over 20 years now. I tell you that in order to agree with the advice from ADHD Momma, that the answer is in finding ways to “reinvent” your agriculture so that it stays fresh and interesting for you. Teaching is perfect for me because I propose and teach many different courses which require me to research new areas and subjects. I’ll bet you can do the same thing with your farm.

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      Hi rhoodrich!

      I wanted to do farming because it has almost a never ending list of ways how to farm, and another for processing food.
      The farming season is ending and I didn’t give up yet! (mostly because of my stubbornness I think)
      This year I failed because of bad planning, hyperfocus causing me to lose focus on main objective, impulsive (one day working 12 hours the next week 0hours),…
      All typical ADHD problems I think?
      Next year I aim to write things down and go specific hours to the farm…

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      Another topic that may interest you is growing medicinal cannabis. This can be (as I understand it…) a very lucrative profession and challenging/interesting at the same time.

      With the varieties of cannabis available and the ‘cross-breeding’ (?) of strains you may find that cultivating different types would be fun.

      Not having ever used it, (I’m a caregiver of someone that does…), I wonder if certain strains would be helpful for our symptoms as well…the ‘non-high’ CBD oils maybe??

      Shoot…could this be a whole separate topic for treating our symptoms??

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      Thank you for the suggestion but I am not a supporter of drugs. (I feel the new USA rules about drugs are too loose. Next to that I feel there is more variation in doing many different vegetables.
      Also here (in Japan) drugs are illegal.

      But I was thinking in making massage oils from sea buckthorn starting over few years.

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      I do not personally think of marijuana as a drug. It’s a plant with millions of uses and it’s not all about being “high” with technology and more research being done it’s an AMAZING natural plant with many benefits. CbD is one of those. You will not feel any euphoria there is no THC. There are none of the absolutely horrid side effects of prescription ADHD meds which are nothing more than controlled doses of meth, one of the worst most addictive drugs there is…. I am proud to support federal legalization of marijuana in the US. I would much rather see that on a shelf than alcohol. And as a diagnosed ADHD for about 34 years nothing has ever worked for me the way Marijuana has. It brings the hyper down but doesn’t make me want to pass out. Instead I actually get things done. If u miss a dose u aren’t gonna feel sick… I would love to see more research on this and see more discussion about it from other ADHD patients. I am excited to see what can happen with this plant even when u take the THC out of it. Dont let the stigma mruin it.

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