The Lying & Bad Behavior Is Driving Us Crazy

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      Our almost 10 yr old Daughter was diagnoised early on with ADHD,RAD,PTSD,ODD,Anxiety. She is medicated for the ADHD. There have always been issues with her meltdowns & bad behavior, but this summer it really started to get worse. Now she is back in school, doing very poorly, despite being tutored. lying non stop & already showing signs of risky behavior. She has recently started therapy again after not going for awhile after her last therapist quit to go to another job. We are at our wits end. The lying has gotten to be the worst, happening numerous times a day. When we call her on it she throws a fit, violent at times. How do we parent a child that does not tell the truth & at this point cannot be trusted?

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      Penny Williams

      Lying in kids with ADHD has to be viewed as a symptom, not as a character flaw. There are a lot of reasons kids lie — self-preservation, fear of repercussions, not wanting to disappoint parents, to express how something felt to them, etc. When you pinpoint why she is lying in different situations, then you can address it and reduce the need/compulsion/impulse to lie.

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