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    Hello to all,

    I realized how long this post got, so summary of the questions are at the bottom all the way at the bottom

    I am 23 & I was just diagnosed about a year ago and it’s definitely been a process. I have noticed a lot of repitition on the generalized symptoms of ADHD, but symptoms manifest themselves differently for every single person, especially in girls & women. It’s never occurred to me to ask what it looks like for my fellow ADHD community. If not its not too invasive I would love to read about your experiences.

    How does your ADHD…
    look like?
    shape your life?
    make you feel?
    shape your feelings?
    (Ex. Hypersensitivity! Haha. I knew myfeels were a little more heightened than most. & found that ADHD was the culprit for feeling ecstatic when someone is happy, feeling like I just caused the apocalypse bc of a tiny mistake, or my favorite: exploding in anger that I was almost mistaken for Hulk’s sister)

    Things to look out for? Or more aware of?
    Ways of thinking differently or looking at things differently? (So what feels like a weakness is actually a skill lacking the right context)
    how to approach things (whatever it maybe, like feelings)?
    Self-forgiveness & self-respect

    Or anything else that you might think is helpful that I didn’t mention.


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    One word. CRAZY.

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