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      I have been reading about a comprehensive psycho-education evaluation and it sounds like exactly what my son needs..but do the schools do it or do I have to take him somewhere to have this done ? I think the last time they tested him was in 2nd grade he is now in 4th..any help is appreciated

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      Penny Williams

      You are not likely to get a full and thorough neuropsychoeducational evaluation from the school. They usually choose to test only areas where they see potential struggles, due to staffing and funding.

      On the flip side, a full neuropsychoeducational evaluation will consider all areas.

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      I found testing at the school level to be fractional at best. Testing was symptom based and not comprehensive. We’d have a test for LD, and then form the IEP – behavior issues would pop up, so then they’d do a Functional Behavior Assessment to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan, then another and another. For a comprehensive test, I’d use the private sector.

      At the beginning of my journey, Wrights Law was extremely helpful in helping me navigate what the schools were bound to do. http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/test.index.htm discusses different tests. The website is a little hard to navigate but has a lot of good information about IEP, 504 and the IDEA.

      If you happen to have Medicaid insurance for your child, you might see if the neuropysch is covered. My son was under medicaid when he had his done and it was covered in full with a referral from his therapist.

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      If the school is going to test for Other Health Impairment, you can ask if they can give him an IQ and academic testing for “programming purposes”. (They may or may not agree)

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