Teen Girls-what age for Gynecologist to study hormone factors?

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      Hi All,

      Can anyone share what age they enlisted a gynecologist to their adolescent daughter’s medical team after she started periods? I just finished listening to the ADDitude webinar with Dr. Ellen Littman, “Why ADHD Is Different for Women: Gender-Specific Symptoms & Treatments.” This speaker stressed numerous new research studies showing strong connections between estrogen levels across the menstrual cycle to ADHD behaviors, and how this can affect performance of medications over the cycle.

      Our daughter is 15 years old, and facing mood extremes and cramps with her cycle. Under her pediatrician, she just started oral contraceptives in attempt to stabilize this. Meanwhile, we are waiting for neuropsych testing for ADHD and she continues to take Prozac for depression symptoms. Has your teen’s gynecologist been able to provide more nuanced analysis of her behavior across the menstrual cycle, tied to estrogen changes?

      Thanks for your input. -JC

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      Dr. Eric
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