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      My 6.5 years old son (Grade 1 student, Canadian public school) has been diagnosed with ADD recently by 3 different professionals (a neurologist, a pediatrician and a psychiatrist with years of experience). We have started medication (biphentin) 3 days ago and hoping will improve the situation. My son shows symptoms of ODD and social anxiety (e.g. not looking in teachers eyes, but he looks into our eyes or other adults while talking one on one) too. Additionally he has been putting things in mouth. He also drools while focusing on somethings. He did not pick up much reading and writing in JK and SK and unfortunately we were not given much feedback then. But now everyday teacher tells us – he has ASD or other behavioral issues and he needs special education or psycho educational testing etc. We have spoken to professionals (psychiatrist and psychologist) and they suggest to hold on to testing because at his age it won’t be accurate. Also my son had benign epilepsy and he would need neuro psycho assessment. Any of these assessments can cost us almost 3K and even if we bear the cost, efficacy will be limited. My son’s ADD symptoms is bit different as compared to a typical ADHD child- He is risk averse and won’t be running around. I think that’s where teachers are confused. But his academic performance/ getting ready is subject to his will (ODD) and writing is really behind (fine motor skills). We have started IEP conversation, but school needed diagnosis, which we got this week (ADHD). But school’s attitude is giving us quite a bit distress.

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      Penny Williams

      Explain to the teachers and school administration that the professionals have asked to wait a bit for evaluating further. Let them know you appreciate their insights and those additional possibilities are now on your and your clinician’s radar. Ask the school to accommodate based on individual struggles and needs, instead of just blanket accommodations for certain diagnoses.

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