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      One of the, hardest things for me to do is my taxes, even though I usually get a refund I hate doing it so much that I procrastinate till the last minute, and to top it all off, my mother dumped her taxes in my lap.
      Because she’s retired it makes it even more confusing for me, I had to read the directions for one section FIVE times for her state form, I had to look at her return for last year to help figure it out.
      I am burned out, it took me all day to do mine and hers, and to top it all off I didn’t even get a thank you.

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      Dr. Eric

      I am a the point where I make enough and have enough financial complexity to hire a professional. Although I am still missing some deductible expenses because I forgot to scan receipts, it was money well spent. For the decade prior, I totally felt your pain.

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