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      Hi All,

      Newly diagnosed and almost 31. Been a long journey of wishing I went to see a therapist earlier, but will save the story. Noticing how I cant handle work drama and politics, and have the feeling im being pushed out. I started this place a month ago because the place before gave me a job way over my head with no support. Didnt seem like it was going to get better. So came to this place because they still wanted me, loved my ideas and that i had experience. My ADHD got to really shine and in a Month was able to come up with 4-5 ideas that would save the company serious money. Boss is threatened by me and has shown (Manager by title not by training). So now everything has shift 180. Owner was thrilled and loved what i was bringing and that i had experience. Now that’s flipped to a full stop.

      The way it seems now is I have to follow the “process” Which is semi written and formal and the rest is figure it out on your own. With my ADHD that makes things really difficult. More so when something is so inefficient or wrong and would cause me to make errors, which make me feel worse because I care about my work and take pride. Plus the pain points are areas that would make me cause less errors as well.

      Love what I do and want to keep shining here but I feel like i have one option left before quitting for something new. Talk to the Owner, smaller company but he always was asking about new ideas and was interested in what i was offering. Bring him examples and some proof of concepts and explain that im trying to fix and have give a solution to my situation, but also benefits the entire company at the same time. Maybe show how only being here about 5 weeks and only 2 weeks of actual R&D time, and how far I’ve come.

      I dont know, This is a new experience since finding out about my ADHD and any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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      Penny Williams

      Be careful that you don’t offend direct bosses by going directly to the owner. If you do, they will likely make the work environment hell.

      Show that you’re doing what’s required, and then show a little initiative to go beyond.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Sadly I got throw I to something by the owner. A secret project with 2 others, that no one was supposed to know. Boss called me out in front of my peers when he found out. Asked me to explain. Everything out in open. My issues with him started 2nd week. Hr and himself agreed to my earlier work hours, then he got mad because he felt I went over his head. That and he felt obligated to say yes. They knew before I started their times were going to be very hard on me.

      Tried explaining it would be better for to keep helping the senior until I get enough work under my belt. Told that’s a bad idea and I need to focus on running full projects. Been only a month and this isn’t retail.

      I feel out of option and struggling as this seems to happen. Work drama causes me so much issues that it’s hard to function. So stressed out. Just tired of it all. Last place wasn’t any better. 2 months and just lobbed any and all jobs the others didn’t want. No real training, just ask questions trial by fire.

      Like I said I feel this is my last option. But at this point doesn’t seem worth it.

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