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      Hi everyone. This is my first post… I was diagnosed with ADHD last month as a 31 year old. I have found Vyvanse from day one to be amazing, but there is one thing that I am noticing. I tend to have it once per day, generally between 8am and 8:30am. I have been finding that if I take it after this window, it does nothing, it’s a misery show. For example, if I sleep in at the weekend. Today I took it around 9am and I haven’t been perked up, I feel as miserable as if I hadn’t taken it (it helps me with other impulses that drive my mood so it really does a lot for me). Does anyone else find it to be as sensitive as that??

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      I cant take it unless I get a full nights sleep. But it is hard to get a full nights sleep when you take stimulants.

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