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      I am parenting my granddaughter age 11. She is on meds and bi-weekly therapy. She has long been an impulsive taker of things that don’t belong to her. This has escalated – last week she took candies belonging to her teacher. Today I discover she has taken candies from my bedroom that she is not permitted to go into without permission. Both of these required planning and forethought. They were not impulsive – see it and take it moments. Any advice on how to deal with this?

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      Penny Williams

      Lying is very common for kids with ADHD, and this is closely tied to that.

      The Truth About Your Child’s Lies

      The Truth About Your Child’s Lying

      Positive parenting is so much more effective than traditional discipline for kids with ADHD:

      Positive Charge: How to Reinforce Good Behavior

      Free Parent Resource: ADHD Discipline Strategies

      The ADHD Parent’s Soul Shine Kit

      It sounds like candy is her kryptonite. How about letting her earn candy for meeting behavior goals? Then, the forbidden candy won’t be so overwhelmingly tempting.

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