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      I have been recently diagnosed (at 39). I have done a reasonable amount of research through academic journals. I have a recollection of reading an article that discusses evaluations of treatment effectiveness by each of the three subtypes (DSM IV) or clinical presentations (DSM 5). I mentioned this to my psychologist recently and she hadn’t read that and said she’d look into it. The articles I thought it was in, I have checked and can’t find the relevant discussion. I remember it was a meta-analysis of previous clinical studies and likely part of a state-of-the-field assessment article, but can’t remember precisely what they said about each subtype. So I’m looking for two sets of information potentially. First, where can I find (primary) research on evaluation of effectiveness of treatment within and among subtypes (I have access to an academic library, so specific journal citations welcome). Second, what things work in effectively managing primarily inattentive clinical presentation ADD in adults (medications, CBT, coaches, etc.). Personal anecdotes welcome, but particularly interested in primary research or secondary academic summaries.

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      Penny Williams

      The multi-modal study was a meta-analysis of treatment in kids with ADHD, I believe. It’s the basis for the treatment recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics. I don’t believe it looked at subtypes specifically though.

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