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      I was diagnosed when I was 36 and am now 56. I’ve had some success with medication, but went off it for years. I started taking Concerta, 36mg/day, a few months ago. According to my wife, it has only made my symptoms worse. I do notice some things myself. I’m more hyperactive, my executive functions are going downhill, my emotional self regulation is almost non-existent, my impulsivity is off the charts and I can’t seem to remember anything. Last week I had a huge anxiety meltdown when we had a mis-communication about what to pick up for dinner. I’m tempted to ditch the meds.

      Has anyone else ever come across this?

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      Penny Williams

      Concerta may not be the right medication for you anymore. Or, the dose may be too small (too low a dose of stimulant can actually make your symptoms worse, not better).

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      And, aging affects ADHD symptoms as well.

      Inside the Aging ADHD Brain

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      Thanks, Penny. Interesting articles. I took Concerta for a long time years ago with great success, but now it seems to be making things worse. I don’t think my family doctor knows much about it. I guess I’ll have to look for someone who does.

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      Hi socknoggle. I feel exactly the same. After diagnosis and medication of elvanse 60mg per day and a brief spell of feeling better I can only handle one part of my life correctly and the others fall apart. No control over temper, emotions, anything. I feel the need to drink just to sleep and rarely hyperfocus on anything constructively. It’s all a mess and all around me are distancing themselves from my regular fallout. I sometimes wish I never had a diagnosis. Yes I was similar before but I had my own ways to cope. They no longer work.
      I hope you feel better soon.

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      Thanks, Nik. I did make an appointment with the neuropsychiatrist who diagonsed me. I’m hoping he can make some recommendations for meds and maybe therapy. Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on educating myself in a effort to understand myself better and find tools/methods for coping.

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      Hi, snocknoggle, love your name, btw.
      ditto above regarding not enough or not the right meds.
      Also, has you Vitamin D and irons been checked? both can affect our symptoms, AND, how is your sleep? untreated apnea creates sleep deprivation, which shares 80% of symptoms with AD/HD. as well as other significant health risks. our aging brains (I’m 58) can’t cope as well with poor sleep, so a sleep study may be in order as well.I had a sleep study and started use of C-Pap before Dx of AD?HD, and it did help an awful lot with emotionality, memory and cognition. but I still need meds.
      All best to you!

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      Hi Barb,

      I take vitamin D suppliments every day. I think my iron is okay. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea many years ago. I had surgery for it that did not work long-term. I can’t tolerate a C-PAP. My wife sells essential oils and has one she has me apply to my nose before going to bed. It keeps me from snoring. However, I have been having a lot of problems staying asleep. Today I woke up at 2 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Yesterday it was 1 AM. This has been happening sporadically for months. I have no idea why I’m waking. Very annoying.

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