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      I have been on Adderall for 15 years. After I had my first son I began feeling heart palpitations and anxiety this was in 2017. I was prescribed a low dose anti-anxiety medication which helped but I did still felt palpitations once in a while but not as often as I was. My anxiety is almost non-existent when not taking Adderall but I am unable to get my work done, I have excessive daytime sleepiness and I have memory issues with out it. I am currently pregnant so I am not taking my Adderall I am currently struggling especially at work. I have talked to my pcp and referred me to a cardiologist to make sure all is good so I can go back on medication after the baby is here. I am thinking about asking to switch to a non-stimulant to avoid the anxiety.

      I am interested in knowing others experience from switching from a stimulant medication to a non stimulant medication.

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      yes, non stimulant can help a lot. was using the dextroamphetamine and now using atomoxetine. however the atomoxetine isn’t that great but much easier to get and has no palpitation

      however still get anxiety, but is more from being able to process day to day tasks instead of putting them off.

      tldr still works, not as good as stimulant

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      Dr. Eric

      I don’t have first-hand experience, but I have had students that have dealt with the ADHD combo… It really is trial and error.

      The general consensus is that stimulants work for 80% of the population per Dr. Ned Hallowell’s podcast.
      However, this is based on ADHD alone.
      The other consensus is that non-stimulants work, but not as potently as the stimulants.
      Hoewever, this is not a bad thing if you don’t respond to stimulants or the side-effects are too much.

      Unfortunately, stimulants can potentially not work, or even make worse, anxiety and panic symptoms (especially if you get triggered by elevated pulse, palpitations, etc.)

      In fact, I use a strong negative reaction to stimulants as a reminder that I should make sure that I have ruled out the anxiety that looks like ADHD.

      When you have both, you need to experiment with your medical provider on your personal balance of managing your therapeutic benefit of the medications with the side-effects/negatives. Unfortunately, there is not magic formula, everybody is unique.

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      Penny Williams

      You can read some user experiences with non-stimulants here:

      BUT, remember, everyone is different with this medications so the only way to know how you’ll do on any non-stimulant is to try it.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Thank you everyone! I appreciate it

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      I went to the cardiologist and he said I wasn’t having palpitations, just little early heart beats that I felt. I switched from Adderall IR to Adderall XR and have immediately felt 100% better, haven’t felt the early heart beats since switching.

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