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      hello all,

      i have been taking 30mg XR adderall twice a day for a few years now, has worked well for the most part. I really want to switch to vyvanse but was a bit worried about having to start at 30 – 40mg i postponed making the switch because work was very hectic at the time. wondering what others think who have made the same switch
      i almost feel like i need to take a week off to make the transition

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      I take Vyvanse currently and have for three years now and it’s changed my life so much,I’ve taken most of the other medications for ADD/ADHD,nothing has helped more than Vyvanse,I take 50mgs,I switched over from dexadrine,sorry can’t spell, to Vyvanse and haven’t looked back. started out at the lowest dose and have worked my way up.if the Adderall is not working for you I’d definitely try the Vyvanse,you can always start at the lowest dose as I was on a high dose of dexadrine,when I started the Vyvanse It was recommended I start at the lowest dose and work my way up.hope you have a good run if you do switch to Vyvanse. Out of all the meds in my opinion it’s the cleanest come down of any of the ADD/ADHD meds on the market

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      Penny Williams

      Because these medications are so different, you do need to start at the lowest dose when trying a new stimulant. Ask your prescriber if they’ll work with you to check in every few days in the beginning so you don’t have to wait a month or two for every increase, if any increase is necessary.

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