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      One of my biggest continuning obstacles with ADD is trying to focus on one thing for a long term. With exercise, meditation, etc I can sit down and study, or start learning a new skill, or writing. I love to do these things, but as the days turn into weeks, my focus fades away. I get distracted, go off on tangents. And eventually I forget what I was trying to do in first place. Write a book? Maybe a few chapters. Learn how to program? Just enough to make a guessing a game. Focus on a textbook for an entire semester. Extremely unlikely.

      So I know what I can do in the short term to help with my focus, but what can I do over a longer period of time? Any ideas?

      Thanks for any help!

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      Penny Williams

      Treatment can help — you don’t say if you are getting treatment. The ADHD brain does struggle to see and be motivated by the long-term or distant future. See if you can break a long-term goal into small, incremental goals. That could help.

      Why Deadlines Pounce and Long-Term Plans Never Happen

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