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      I am wondering if anyone has any advice on finding support groups? Since I was diagnosed with inattentive ADD last May my mental health journey has taken some incredible strides. My therapist is great, but I get frustrated by her continual focus on working on my Anxiety when I am convinced it would be lessened if I could get a better grasp on my struggles with ADD/executive functions. The articles I have come across here on this site have been amazing and offered a great deal of insight, but I feel like the next step for me might be to try and find a community of people to learn from talk to and receive support from. Unfortunately my social circles are limited and those friends I do have are mostly scattered across the country. Additionally I got married about six months prior to being diagnosed, and so naturally the exploration of how my ADD has impacted my life has made for a great deal of struggle for my wife and myself. We will hopefully soon be starting couples counseling which should help, but I also think having more people to talk to and perspectives to hear from could be helpful.


      How to find support groups? I would prefer in person, as I think that would help foster a sense of immediacy for me, but if people have success with online support groups…how have you done it? Should I just be making more friends? I often withdraw as a result of my anxiety…isolation feels safer. But at some point…I gotta take a risk I suppose. Can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Also, I don’t really have a career/job where I feel like I can connect with the people I work with. It is part of my plan to have a new career/job, but I get the feeling I need to be working on my lack of social connection alongside that problem…multi-tasking…shudder…

      Anyways, I hope this all makes some sense to anyone reading. It is really exhausting trying to be heard/understood.


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      Penny Williams
      Keymaster offers a nationwide listing of in-person ADHD support groups. If there’s not a CHADD group in your area, ask your therapist for local recommendations. It seems like in-person support groups are dwindling as more and more is offered online. I’m the parent of a child with ADHD and I get support from Facebook groups for similar parents. There are many Facebook groups for adults with ADHD too (ADDitude has one here:

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hi J,
      I believe that one-on-one peer support is hugely beneficial. I am a mature adult with ADHD symptoms and believe that I have a firm understanding of anxiety, marriage issues, and frustrations with ADHD related issues. I am also currently in a masters in psychology program and believe that knowledge is power so would be happy to impart any evidence-based findings or conjectures that may, or may not, be of benefit to your specific challenges.
      If you would like to engage in peer telephone support, I would be happy to be your ADHD peer partner. Having travelled much of the territory you seem to be travelling, I hope that I may be of some support to you, albeit via phone conversations, possibly using What’s app to avoid LD phone charges, or facetime or other alt method. At the very least I would be happy to chat with you about my experiences or hear out our situation and offer a third party perspective from someone who has travelled some of the terrain you task yourself with.
      Thank you kindly,
      p.s. If you would like to text me, please do so at 647-524-8801

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