Supplements? DHA? Focus Factor? which ones help?

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      My son is on 32mg of concerta. My pediatrician does not agree with pill form supplements so I am struggling with this. I am trying to identify the foods that will help him focus. I did some online researching and it seems that “focus factor” supplement helps, “DHA” supplements help. I am just wondering what other parents use for supplements in conjunction with medication, just to add a little extra help and boost for him nutritional wise. thank you!!!

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      I’m also interested in seeing if anyone has had success with supplements

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      Yes diet and supplements can make a huge difference. I just started my son on the Feingold Diet a month ago and already see a so much more peace. No more angry outbursts unless we slip up on the diet. And it really isn’t cutting things that they like out. Just switching them out with something different. But read on
      They have a whole pack that we are about to start on. If you don’t do supplements you will be hard pressed to get all the needed nutrition in them each day.

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      This is an older thread but I’m wondering about Nac-acetyl cysteine as a supplement for children. I’ve just done a bunch of reading about it. If anyone’s child is taking this how much are they taking? The reading I did associated this with autism more but also addiction and tics. It’s a natural amino acid I believe. Seems like it’s worth a try. If anyone has had experience with this please let me know.

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