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      My son is 5 and will start kindergarten in August. He has been diagnosed with ADHD with impulsivity. He has trouble sitting still, following directions, and keeping his hands to himself, and he can be oppositional. Even so, I wanted to sign him up for Safety Town this summer. I think he should be able to participate in things even though he gets into trouble everywhere he goes. Safety Town is 90 minutes every morning for a week, and it is put on by three police officers with some help from teenage volunteers.

      When I signed him up, I made a note that he has ADHD and has trouble sitting still, but if there was someone available to sit with him, it would help a lot.

      Then when I dropped him off this morning, I asked to stay with him and was told no. That if I wanted to stay with him, he could not participate. I said, “He has ADHD, and he will often–” but I was cut off by the police officer running it, who said, “We’ve seen it all.” So, I left my son there.

      When I picked him up 90 minutes later, the same police officer said, “He had a little trouble keeping his hands to himself.”

      “Yes,” I said. “I mentioned that earlier. He has ADHD.”

      “Well, if you could talk to him about it.”

      “He has ADHD,” I said. “We are working on it.”

      This was not such a terrible exchange, but I walked away feeling extremely frustrated. I had tried to address this from the beginning but I feel I was not taken seriously. I have been talking to my son for three years about keeping his hands to himself. He is not going to be any different tomorrow!

      My question is, should I try to talk to someone about this again tomorrow when I drop him off? Should I try to contact someone this afternoon to explain what ADHD is? Or should I just drop him off and hope for the best?

      Thank you!

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      Maybe you could call the Police Department in advance and see what they suggest. That way the officer at the door isn’t put on the spot and there will already be a plan in place.

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