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      I’m now back to work after staying home with the kids for five years. I do casework, interacting with with clients in their homes & doing the before-&-after paperwork at home. I’m seeking suggestions for a good office chair. (I’m about 5 foot 3.) I don’t like my legs to dangle, so I sit cross legged in the chair. Then my legs cramp up. I found a chair once that had a ring but around the bottom to place my feet, but it wasn’t comfortable on my back. Does anybody have experience with a chair/balance ball, etc. that works for you?

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      Sorry not much help but I like to sit cross legged on my chair at work too, I just have a normal office chair but had the arms removed so I can sit how I like.

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      YES!! Balance ball with an adjustable desk so you can stand! The ball makes a huge difference for me! And it improves your posture naturally.

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      Yes, either you can look for a high back chair or segmented executive chair in which you will not feel any kind of back pain. One need to make yourself comfortable while we work for the longer productivity and hence, a comfy chair can give that support and calmness to a person. I have come across this website last night while surfing online about the office chairs, seems like it has a huge variety of good quality product. You should look for such kind of shops in your area to buy the required comfortable chair.

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      Interesting… I sit cross-legged in an office chair too. Is this an ADHD thing? Do we need to invent an ADHD-friendly office chair? Million-Dollar idea! 🙂

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      I have a bungee chair (from the Container Store) that I love. It lets me bounce (the seat and back are bungees), height adjusts, there’s airflow, comes in several colors. I put my feet on the parts just over the rollers (I’m 5’6″) or I have a mini ottoman/stool under my desk.

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      Oh! Good idea. I’ll have to check that out.

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      I have had a yoga stool for 10 years and it is perfect for the office it goes at different heights.
      I bounced on it all day it turns around in circles but of course does not take up the space a ball does.
      I purchased it from a “Relax a Back Store”
      It’s very attractive a will be with you for a life time of bouncing.
      If you look the store up there are quite a few states they are in.
      Probably on line by now if not in your area.
      Good luck you will be very happy if you decide to buy one.
      I give it a 10

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