Sugar and ADHD

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    Does sugar consumption make anyone’s ADHD symptoms worse ?

    Also does anyone experience ‘splitting’ where you literally change your mind in the space of a few seconds. I think mood might be the cause of motivation and indecisiveness.

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    It definitely does for me. It sets off my anxiety and makes everything in daily life 10x more overwhelming.

    My mood changes at the drop of a hat also. I can go from feeling fine, dealing well, getting stuff done, to suddenly everything is overwhelming and I hate myself for it.

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      When you said you hate yourself for it I totally can relate, I am so horribly addicted to sugar, I’m like a junkie. I used to have a large hot chocolate with sweetened cream every day, I’ve managed to cut down to 1 medium once a week. I have around 10 small cups of tea with 2 sugars in each cup on a daily basis. It’s causing horrible highs and lows in my mood.
      I also have pre diabetes, found out just beofre Xmas last year. Now I really have to curb this terrible addiction or I am going to end up with type 2 diabetes which is in my family.

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    Penny Williams

    Mood and emotions can very much be part of ADHD.

    7 Truths About ADHD and Intense Emotions

    ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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    Dr. Eric

    The research says that the sugar/hyperactivity link is a myth.
    However, a bad diet will make things worse.
    The best diet for ADHD is as unprocessed as possible, lots of protein, lots of healthy fats, and moderate carbs in the form of whole-grains and vegetables.

    However, in working with children and families for over 20 years, the only time that I have seen miraculous results due to diet changes have been in infomercials.

    Personally, I tend to have a feast or famine cycle. When things are good, my diet, sleep, exercise, and ADHD symptoms are all well-managed.

    When one goes, they all seem to go.

    Twice, I used carb manipulation to lose weight.
    I lost a ton of weight quickly, but had to stop due to the impact on my mood and ADHD symptoms.
    I then immediately gained the weight back once I started eating carbs again.

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      Dr Eric Thankyou for your input.
      I don’t think sugar has caused my problem but it does make it worse, I found out I have pre diabetes just last year, I now Have to get in control of my health or I will end up with Type 2 diabetes, I guess a healthier diet as you mentioned above above will improve my overall health too, may even shrink the thyroid nodules I am currently having investigated.

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