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      Newly diagnosed, and feeling kind of overwhelmed about it all. Been thinking so much about it, it’s damn near obsessive…luckily when the meds are active,they have helped me to stop some of those thoughts in their tracks or think to quit jot them down to come back to later (rather than running away with them and losing hours of my time…)

      That being said… I was reflecting a bit on my current and past relationships and friendships and came across an interesting idea.
      My current boyfriend suspects he has ADHD (and very likely does, but he hasn’t pursued getting an official diagnosis). I think one of the reasons that he and I work well together is because we can understand each other in a way that many people cannot understand each of us, probably in part because of ADHD – fortunately, our differences in our thinking and behaviors don’t seem to interfere too much, because some of the similarities that we share overpower them. Clearly, our overall personalities are compatible beyond ADHD – so, I am not suggesting that ADHD is what connects us… but sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously gravitate towards people with ADHD because I feel more comfortable around them…not so “weird”.

      My ex husband was ADHD (diagnosed as a child). And, a woman I more recently started developing a friendship with has ADHD, and I feel so much more comfortable talking to her about very personal things that I would not even consider bringing up with some of of my “neurotypical” best friends that I have known since childhood. And not for fear that they will judge me (although, sometimes that might be the case)…but just because I don’t feel like they can understand how my mind works no matter how long they may have known me.

      I definitely have NOT encountered MANY people with ADHD…but those that I have, I feel like I have been more comfortable with, and I feel more “pulled” towards them than “neurotypical” people …if that makes sense?

      (I don’t know, at this point I am honestly confusing my own self. )

      Has anyone else ever felt this way? Is it something I may have subconsciously picked up before I knew I was ADHD myself?

      Does anything I’m saying even make sense right now? Lol…

      Anyways, nice to meet you guys and interested to hear any feedback on this…

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