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      I was wondering what the best electronic student planner?

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      And, of course, I missed the big electronic word, so, this information may be quite useless. Sorry about that!

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      Of you’re still open to paper ones please try these links: The first is a planner combo which is very wonder. It has several pockets and compartments. Enough to put everything in it.

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      As a college student, I have found that Istudiez is the planner app that is best geared towards students. Assignments can be simply and quickly input, and reminders easily set. It organizes assignments, tests, quizzes…. by classes and by semester, and everything is well color coded.

      This is an Apple product only thing I believe, but syncs perfectly between my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. The calendar in it also can sync with some third party calendars, like Google Calendar and Outlook.

      That being said, as an ADHD college student, the best one is whatever one actually gets used. I have had planners forced on me my whole unsuccessfully, the only way I ever started using one was because it was my own idea and priority, at age 21.

      Hope that helps

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      Penny Williams

      I second the recommendation of iStudiez. My son just finished 8th grade and started using an iPad for school the second semester. iStudiez is the app he uses for his planner. There used to be an app called inClass that was PHENOMENAL, but I can no longer find it. It was a planner, but also kept all notes and everything needed right in one very organized app.

      I’m sure Alan Brown shares more great apps in this webinar replay/podcast too:

      Free Webinar Replay: 7 Ways to Be More Productive — and Crush It at Work or School

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      I got my son myHomework student planner. It is linked to a lot of schools and teachers. If they are not on it you can send an email invite them. I can see have he does and doesn’t if I want to.
      The other app the two people looked good.
      I’m going to try let them make their planners. See if that works.

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