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      I’m a male 39, just diagnosed with adhd. During the test they gave me Ritalin direct 10mg. This had a profound effect on me.
      Yesterday for first time I took Concerta36 in the morning with breakfast.
      Is it better before or after?
      I definitely had more energy than normal and felt better during the day. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t distracted, but could at least tell myself to stay in the moment and on task rather than being all over the place. Wasn’t as frustrated and annoyed as usual.
      I could defininately tell by 7pm effects started to wear off as I got snappy, frustrated with everything and annoyed as always. Got tired of it all by 9pm went to sleep at 10pm but couldn’t shut it all off in my brain until 3am.
      Got up at 8am for a conference call. Had breakfast with dose for second time. Feeling tired, frustrated annoyed, as usual. I’m all over the place doing multiple things not paying particular attention to anything.
      Heart rate is the same, BP is the same. Hungry as usual. Should I ask for a higher dose?

      So many questions in my brain I couldn’t possible write them all down. I live in Asia by the way where only Ritalin and Concerta are legal medication for ADHD.

      Any experiences, stories anybody can share relating to starting on Concerta and or first weeks after being diagnosed are much appreciated.

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      Hi 🙂

      I was Concerta36 for a month and “snappy, frustrated with everything and annoyed” is exactly how my wife described me. I chalked it up to work stress but since I’ve been on Ritalin it seems to be more tolerable and the Ritalin works better for me than the Concerta.

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