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      Hi all. I have been using ADDitude as a resource for years but this is my first thread in the forum. I used to be embarrassed to openly discuss my problems but I do realize this is a community of people who get it.

      Long story short, I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in college several years ago. I took 1 20mg Adderall XR in the morning and 1 10mg IR and the afternoon and that worked perfectly through the day. After almost 2 years I stopped the meds as I finished school and joined the military. At the time I really didnt understand if that would be held against me in the military so I rather be safer than sorry.

      Fast forward to 2016 I started therapy for 2 years and life coaching to manage my inattentiveness. I then decided to seek medical treatment again at 29 years old. I have currently been on Adderall IR 10mg (generic)for 4 months now. The first 2 weeks were great. I was so focused and productive. I was crushing every project I had at work and I was so much more social. Around the 3 and 4th week I started feeling those horrible crashes after about 4-5 hours then eventually 3-4 hours after taking my meds. I told this to my doc and he still, after 3 visits, has kept me on 10mg IR. I had enough when I had 4 day series of seminars for work and I would take a pill at 8:30am and would be completely out of it by 10-10:30 and useless for the rest of the day.

      Fortunately there were 5 other people there that openly spoke about their ADHD during lunch and we discuss our doses and reactions to the meds. Also discussed metabolism and I am a very fit and active person. I run about 20-30 miles a week, workout and box. I eat constantly throughout the day, even with the meds, and weight doesn’t stick to me. I also learned from them that my dosage is very low for an adult as they were taking 30 and 40mg a day total to find their balance. That may be too much for me but I wouldnt know at this point.

      I understand a month or 2 of monitoring and not changing the dosage but I am ready for my 4th visit which has been delayed to almost my 5th month of treatment because of the holidays and I really don’t want to see this Doc to have him tell me in 3 minutes “Treatment is not supposed to last all day, its supposed to get you up and going”. This is horrible advise.

      I am looking and researching for Docs in the NYC area that will actually listen to me and adjust my dosage. It’s becoming stressful because I dont want to waste another month of partial productivity and dealing with crashing in the afternoon. Does anyone have any experience with a good doc in NYC? I can only imagine how having the right dosage would feel and how my quality of life and work will improve. Any recommendation would be great. Thank you

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      Penny Williams

      The IR is short-acting, only meant to last 3-4 hours. You may have more success with a long-acting formulation that you take only once.

      Age and weight have no effect on the stimulant dosage an individual needs. That med and dosage depends on neurochemical needs, metabolism, and genetics.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      It definitely sounds like you need to find a different clinician. You should feel heard and respected.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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