Struggling During Pandemic and Possibly Going Through Perimenopause

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    Hi all,

    I always come to ADDitude when I am in need of a reminder that I am not alone. I started going through an ADHD fog/ Anxiety spiral back in January and by March, when life turned upside down with COVID-19, I was in full swing: memory gone, tough time organizing thoughts, all daily tasks overwhelming, and the kids home all the time meant my self-care took a major hit.

    I’m doing all the right things (therapy, medication, exercise, meditation), but I’m still struggling pretty big time.

    Any other mamas out there feeling the same way?

    Separately, I’m pretty convinced I may be going through perimenopause. I’m almost 41 years old and my periods are getting closer together. I’ve read a lot about the effects of hormone drops associated with “the change” on cognitive function, so I’ve decided to go on BC to see if combined hormones will help. Let me know if there are any other ladies in their early 40s experimenting with this!

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    I hear you. The pandemic wasn’t hard at first on me because I pulled for structure I knew. But then when it kept dragging out and becoming more uncertain with the way it was being handled, I started to spiral.
    I I don’t know about getting on bc. I am about your age and I just got off of them because they can make you more depressed. I got off of them because I wasn’t sure about how they affect menopause. I figure they might have other hormone treatments for that.
    Have you talked to your doctor?

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    Penny Williams

    This article on perimenopause and ADHD may have some of the information you’re looking for and validation of what you’re experiencing:

    Perimenopause Problems: How Changing Hormones Exacerbate ADHD Symptoms

    ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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