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      TLDR; diagnosed during pandemic no meds / treatment yet, I cant cope with my new job. Am terrified of being unemployed for another 4 years.

      It took 3 years for me to get diagnosed with ADHD-combined after I had to quit a 3 day a week office job that I couldn’t cope with due to noise and phones. I was 26 at the time.

      I have been unemployed for over 4 years and was lucky enough to get a job and have started my second week.

      I was told it was a business administration job uploading and downloading certificates, course results and submitting candidate info for exams. Not exciting but I thought would at least be able to learn skills and maybe find a more suitable job while employed.

      After I started it turned out that I have to wear a headset and be the only person to answer the phone all day, every day, for every call WHILE doing all of the admin stuff.

      I can’t do that I cant physically deal with it. I never use the phone ever I have auditory sensory processing problems plus people in the office just shout several other things for me to do and just walk away before I had a chance to ask questions/make notes. There is also a no paper policy so were discouraged from writing things down to be “more environmentally friendly”

      The training has been unstructured and I was put on the phone without even a conversation about what types of calls we get.

      I ended every shift crying on my way home.

      The job is supposed to be remote with 1 week in office training but now they won’t tell me when I can work from home. The guy I am in the office with wont wear a mask, sneezed all over his desk, didn’t clean anything then came over to my desk and touched all my stuff.

      I am sitting here worrying about going in tomorrow and its making me feel physically sick.

      I can’t go back to being unemployed but I am going to be pushed over the edge at this job soon.

      I don’t know what to do.

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      You probably got that job precisely because nobody else wanted to do it. Phone reception is draining even for neurotypicals.

      If you really need the money, though, try to create your own external structure where the job offers little or none. If you can afford a tablet, I found it hugely helpful for organizing myself when midlife, mid-career, and the pandemic made me rethink the notion that I had either outgrown or been misdiagnosed with ADHD. If not, there are probably suitable note-taking apps for smartphones. The calendar app and a writing app where I make checklists and logs are my staples.

      Also, vent to whomever you can and/or write a bit to organize your thoughts and come up with a plan for tackling the problem. It’s one of my oldest and best coping strategies.

      As for loud noise and overreactions, I found I could train myself to react less by keeping track of overreactions (on my tablet) and reminding myself to use a stress toy instead of yelling and acting out. I started with rubber bands because that’s what I had at first, but fidget spinners and flippy chains (easy to hide in the office) work well too. My therapist, ADHD-combined and dyslexic, takes a more Aggretsuko approach and goes playing drums/singing heavy metal and for motorbike rides to let off steam.

      Good luck!

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        I have been poor my whole life (grew up in poverty where all of the generations before were just as impoverished), if I quit this job I wont really be losing any luxuries.

        I don’t want to be unemployed, but my mental health will properly not survive if I am here too long. So I am trying to weigh up how much I can deal with before I can quit and have something thats not “After 4 years of being unemployed I lasted 1 week and 3 days at this job” on my CV.

        I have been trying your suggestions thank you,I won’t be allowed to use a tablet or phone of my own because we have access to sensitive data but my work around was to just use draft e-mails in my work e-mail address which has worked at the moment.

        I would love to be able to have a hobby that I can use to destress but so far I am only able to come home and immediately fall asleep until I have to either pee or go to work again.

        So I also need to try to adapt to a better work like schedule. I mean i clock off at 5 but by 6pm I am asleep from just being drained.

        Thank you for your suggestions!

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      It is interesting to hear your story. I hope you find something that helps you here.

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      Penny Williams

      Can you make this job work while trying to find a new one?

      If they are anti-paper, makes notes in your phone or an iPad. You have to be able to write things down to succeed (everyone does).

      Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to combat the phone issue except to get a job where you’re not responsible for answering calls. It’s such a shame that they didn’t tell you about this responsibility before you accepted the job.

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