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      I was diagnosed at the age of 22, I also have lupus so throughout my whole life my parents and I never really paid attention due to the fact Lupus was the number one concern. I’ve struggled throughout my “adulthood” with keeping a job or finding a job that fits my ADHD. Im the type of person who has to be stimulated or I get mentally exhausted from literally doing nothing. I’m currently in a situation where I just started a job and I do nothing, but sit at a desk and sell sports supplements. Its in the beginning stages so I don’t really get interaction with people. Im bored and already want to quit. Another thing is is that I also got certified to personal training and 2 weeks ago (after not finishing 3 others because ADHD thank you Adderall XR LOL) before this job I was so motivated to build my business and now Im hyperfocused on this job that isn’t going to get me anywhere. I thought I could do both..but my brain does not work like that I get too overwhelmed and cannot focus on the business that will benefit me in the long run. Im going through therapy and also going to a psychiatrist in January. I just feel constantly pushed down by my ADHD, unless im free to focus on one thing then I go all in and after it. Should I quit this job so I can focus on the career thats going to benefit me in the long run? I could rant about ADHD all day because this is just one of my many problems 🙁

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      Penny Williams

      Only you can answer the question of if you should quit and pursue personal training. I imagine your financial stability without the desk job is the main factor in that decision.

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