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      I have a job that is not particularly easy to handle with my ADHD. IT offers me great pay and benefits, including a pension, so I am not interested in leaving it and my boss is really understanding as her husband has adult ADHD BUT I find the duties of my job — research, reading through pages of legalese, and a lot of general computer work — leaves me mentally and emotionally spent by Wednesday nights. Come the weekend I am in such deep recovery mode that it is hard to get things done around the house as I feel totally wiped out. It’s like doing a triathalon five days in a row — I require a LOT of recovery.

      I’m trying to get at least a week or two a month where I can work saturdays instead of Wednesday’s to get a mid week break but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, what you did to alleviate your struggles.


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      Sam k

      That’s exactly why I am self employed as much as I would love to work a full time job with a decent salary (in food industry ) I am hiding away at home working as a freelance makeup artist. I don’t earn much which frustrates me as it means no holidays etc,

      This hell inside my head is preventing me from getting out there and interacting normally, i am sure my higher executive functioning is distorted, if I were to go work for someone else I would apply for a job below my skill level.

      Other people my age have degree related jobs and are well established, they don’t have this B.S brain so they are living their lives. I feel I am way behind them, it makes me extremely sad.

      Would it be possible to work flexible hours at your workplace? So you make up the hours required when it suits you?

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        It’s funny, I worked primarily in food service until my early 30s and also did freelance hair and makeup as I am a licensed cosmetologist. I loved the freedom when I was doing almost exclusively freelance work with hair/makeup and catering gigs, but I did find I had to work more to financially keep up and definitely felt behind my peers and friends in the job area for a long time.

        But yeah I’m hoping my boss will be open to some compromise and I think she will be cool with it — it’s her boss that I think may not understand. I will find out soon as I want to talk to her about it this week.

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      I also struggle working 5 full days in a row.
      Taking ritalyn and amatadine. My boss tries his best to give me Wednesdays off or only work 1/2. Splits my week up.
      I HAVE to have by break to clear my head after about 4-5 hours. Usually sit in my car to get away from the noise in my head.
      I believe you “could” ask for help from your bos db due to your disabilty!!!

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        SO GLAD to know it isn’t just me. I think my boyfriend thinks I’m exaggerating about how difficult it is to me and how my brain is basically mush on the weekends bc all I’m doing is processing and decompressing the qhole week for 48 hours.

        I do always go for a walk during the day. I’m hoping she will understand and be flexible about my days when I ask her soon. She’s flexible about work hours — I have trouble being on time and taking public transit only makes it worse, so sometimes I will start my work day at home and come in around 10 instead of 9. Or she will let me leave a little early if I’m looking antsy.

        What do you do when you take a half day? Do you make the hours up at home or on another day? How did you approach the subject with your boss?

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      A change is as good as a rest.
      Can you change your tasks on a Wednesday?

      My job involves sales and I incorporate finance Thursday where I stay off the phones and away from clients (and rejection!) my colleagues never bother me on a Thursday.

      Be honest, can you work at home too? I found home help a necessity not a luxury. We went without a holiday this year to keep our cleaning outsourced.

      Good luck

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        That’s a good suggestion — switching it up. The nature of what I do can change from day to day a little bit. My boss came back today after a long leave and we talked it over and she was really understanding and we will switch up some of my midweek tasks and I will attend more off-site meetings to get away from my desk!

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      I used to struggle with the same thing. I would work for a couple of months and end up in a deep depression having to either quit or be hospitalized. I finally, at the age of 40, realized that working nine-to-five is just not possible. I had to start exploring options where I can work from home or work for myself.

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      8 to 5, Mon – Fri clinic nurse here. Ditto to everything, ADHDinPGH.

      Overstimulated, sensory overload, stressed, constant complaints and conflict and problem solving…I sometimes crawl to Friday.

      What I’m doing now: Playing “brown noise” on my computer in the background. Òr get the app. I can’t play stress reducing jams at work but no one notices or questions the brown noise.
      Isolate myself on my lunch break–I make it sacred. Total unwind. Phone games or fun or funny youtube vids. Nothing stress inducing.
      Get some contact with nature/sunshine/fresh air. A drive, a walk, a bench sit–whatever.
      Drinking herbal tea–hot or cold. I’m into chamomile, or even kava on the bad days. Any stress blend will do.
      Taking B12. I do 5,000mcg sublingual tabs.
      Exercise. Releases stress. I get up @ 4:30 just to make it fit in my sched. I walk my dogs for 30-45min.
      I need to get a massage once a month. Maybe a full pedi, too! Gotta dangle some kind of carrot, right.

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      I feel the same, like my work steals all my energy for the week in a day or two but need to be there because that’s how the contract said: Five days at the office, 9 to 5… and that just drains me and makes me sad.
      Been working like crazy just to win an hour to go and walk on the botanic garden near the office but it’s just not enough sometimes. I agree about the brown noise because that makes me calmer and comforts me.

      Love my routines and would like a better work but for now this is what I have and don’t want to let anyone down, spceially and most of all… me.

      Hope you find a better schedule that suits you and makes you happy.

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