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      Hi Parents,
      We switched psychiatrists recently and the new doctor recommended a change in medication. My son, 9yr, is currently taking 20mg of Vyvanse and it is working well. He is focusing in school and his grades have improved. We do struggle with weight gain, but i don’t give him the meds on weekends and holidays and he catches up on some of his eating. The new Dr would like to see him off the stimulants and has recommended Strattera. I am wondering if anyone has gone through the same scenario as this. I am hesitant to switch because he is doing so well on Vyvanse. Also, he has taken a non-stimulant before, Guanfacine, which helped more for the hyperactivity, not school focus. Another concern is that it takes 4-6 weeks for Strattera to build up in your system and you need to take every day. The Dr has recommended the change basically because she doesn’t like to see kids on stimulants given they are addictive. Any comments are great appreciated!!! Thank you

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      Penny Williams

      I’m always of the opinion that you don’t change what is working. Statistically, stimulants work best for the most people.

      If you don’t agree with this clinician, I’d get a 2nd opinion. You should feel like you are being heard.

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      I have been taking vyvance since I was around your child’s age and I am now 24 I would most likely recommend that they stay on the medication weight gain and loss is kind of a side effect with that medication if you watch your child and keep moderating the meds and taking breaks from them like you do they should be fine however if you do change them I recommend you test new medication over summer breaks so that way you can keep a close eye on any different side effects they are having and take lots of notes ask them maybe once a week how they feel and sometimes adHD people don’t really notice massive changes about ourselves so it’s most likely you who notices small changes
      Also try talking to your child too about if they want to change medications maybe they feel like trying something new if they don’t like how they are feeling now with the current medication

      I would also recommend a second opinion because I don’t thing I’ve really heard addiction from vyvance mostly just adderal

      Also maybe ask around to see others opinions to see if they have adHD children and it effects their child but also keep in miND every person may be different with medication

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      Thank you for your responses…super helpful. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me.

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