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      Okay so context ig: I’ve only been diagnosed recently (probably around 4-ish months now) though I’ve shown symptoms for pretty much my whole life, and my mother and nearly all of my siblings have ADHD so there wasn’t much question that I’d have it too. It wasn’t as big of a problem until online schooling, I did fine in real life since most of my teachers were fine with me getting up and whatnot, so my grades never suffered too much, though my behavior has always sort of been a problem.

      Like I said though, with online schooling I’ve been having a lot more trouble getting things done, and I’m really falling behind, which in turn makes me feel worse about everything and makes it harder to even get out of bed to “attend class”. I’ve only ever asked help from like, friends and the occasional teacher at school (they don’t really get the whole ADHD thing, but some teachers are really accommodating with deadlines thankfully), but I feel like asking people who’ve dealt with the same stuff I’m dealing with will probably be more helpful, y’know? We’re in similar boats, I feel. This is kind of a last ditch effort to get some more personalized advice lol.

      So basically I’m asking for any strategies to help managing my work as it flows in, as well as how to actually start projects. Maybe time management too, if you have anything on that. I just need to start getting things in on time and start hauling ass now that finals are coming up.

      Also (unrelated to school, feel free to ignore) I’ve been taking Adderall for a while now, and only recently it’s been making me feel sick? Like as soon as it settles in my system my stomach feels like garbage and I can barely get a bagel down without gagging. It also messes with my sleep, though that’s probably because sometimes I take it way later that I should be taking it. Thoughts? Should I take a lower dose to manage nausea, or should I considers switching medication?

      Thank you so much if you’ve even read this much, and thank you even more if you’ve taken the time to respond.

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      You should really talk to your school about a 504 plan, which is a national federal law, which helps out anyone with a disability including ADHD. They set different accommodations to a degree on helping any disabled student in k-12 discussed with the principal, counselors, teachers, guardian and students. Students with ADHD already have to work twice as hard paying attention and getting their brains to focus and take in stuff they learn in a regular setting, with online learning it’s very difficult. Please bring it up to your parents and teachers.
      As for the medication. Are you taking it on an empty stomach. I know my child always feels that way when they do. Try eating breakfast before hand. You should bring it up to your doctor regardless.
      Good luck and *fighting* ☺️

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